Monday, August 18, 2014

Working with Limitations

Sometimes you can't bring your fancy camera gear, sometimes the lighting is horrible, sometimes you are not allowed to freely move about, sometimes you are far away from your subject, sometimes you are busy enjoying the moment and can't concentrate solely on photography.

At times like that, just work with what you have and use your creativity within the limits that are imposed upon you. Here are some handheld shots taken with a pocket camera, taken under difficult lighting conditions, while enjoying a concert. It's not about the gear, although it helps.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What to photograph...

One thing about being an artist. You are always staring at the "blank page". As a landscape photographer, Fall is my favorite season. In the Fall, it seems like there is a picture behind every corner, but in the Summer it is a little more tricky.

In California, we have a parched landscape in Summer (made worse by our current drought). My task is to be inspired by the beauty that is still there and to capture it in an image. Not ever easy, even under the best of circumstances. On the other hand, there is always water near the coast, giving me an alternative subject. Here is a picture I took at the beginning of Summer. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Photos Pop Up in Unexpected Places

I am a member of the California State Parks Foundation that helps support California's state parks. As a member, today I received an email regarding the redesign of their website. In looking at the email, the homepage photo seemed really familiar.
It turns out one of my photographs is featured prominently at the top of their new homepage. In looking at their blog, they used another photograph of mine in their latest blog post about California State Park's 150th anniversary. I've only ever submitted two pictures to their library. It's enough to go to one's head. I am attaching the two photos here. You can see their website at:
Coincidentally, I'll be doing a featured show at my gallery next month called "A Walk in the Park", it is all about California's local, state and national parks.