Monday, April 1, 2013

Last month my gallery, Riverfront Art Gallery, was voted Best Art Gallery in Sonoma County by the readers of The Bohemian. This is the sixth year in a row that we have won this honor. I know this is April Fool's Day, but it is in fact true. Here is the link.

I will be reviving this blog in the coming months with content relating to being a fine art photographer. I hope it will be of interest.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Website Updates

I have updated my website with a new color-scheme, and have added 15 new images plus a "new" 2003 photo called "Grape Crusher". There is a new "Backstock" section which shows prints I have in stock, yet do not show. In the past when I took an image out of my bins and off my site, they disappeared. Now they are online and available at big discounts. Now that there is a process for smoothly retiring images, I have "retired" many more photos this month. There is only one copy of most of them, so if you want to buy one, act promptly. Visit to see all the changes.

For the past 10 years, I have primarily photographed the landscapes of the North Bay Area. I will continue doing that, but I am now expanding the primary area I am covering to include the entire state of California. At the same time, I am offering to take you along with me. My workshops are expanding to cover all of California and the workshop format is changing to have a more intense focus over a shorter time period. There are now also "Photo Tours" to take you to great places for an extended period to create great photographs. This new endeavor is called "California Photo Adventures". For more information about the workshops, and to see the entire schedule and locations, visit

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gallery Awards

It has been awhile since I last posted, but in that time my gallery has won a few accolades. This year we were voted "Best of the North Bay 2012" for "Best Art Gallery in Sonoma County". In addition to that, we were voted "People Choice" for "Best Art Gallery in Petaluma", that is a new award for us. It tells us that we are doing something right. I have a lot more art news to share with you, I will blog about that in the near future.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Website updates and other news

I have just updated my website with 14 new pictures that I took over the past 5 months, you will find them all in the "Recent Work" portfolio. In addition, I have moved two pictures from "Recent Work" to the "Wine Country" portfolio (replacing two older pictures), and I moved "The Redwood Route" from "Recent Work" to "Miscellaneous".

I also had one picture from the archives "Summer Grazing" replace a picture in the "Marin" portfolio, and another picture from the archives "Jenner Cows" replace a picture in the "Sonoma & Mendocino" portfolio.

I have just lowered the price of my 2012 Wine Country calendar to $8.00, and my next Landscape Workshop starts next week. You can find the details here and here

Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Art Gallery in Sonoma County - 2011

Well it happened again, my gallery "Riverfront Art Gallery" was voted best Art Gallery in Sonoma County for the fourth year in a row, I'm a bit proud of that one.

Sorry for the long absence, I've been very busy. I gave several talks to various camera clubs and art associations, I've been running a gallery, had my work distributed in two additional stores in the North Bay Area, did art fairs, taught a few workshops, etc.

I have also slightly re-organized my website. I created a separate portfolio for my Patagonia images (but it is not accessible directly from the home page). I am applying for some Artist-in-Residence opportunities this year and may do the same for those portfolio sets if I get the gigs.

My calendar was offered on Amazon for the first time this past year and it was in the Top 100 Photography Calendars on that site. I'm quite happy about that. I will be doing a 2012 Wine Country calendar, the title and subtitle will be switched and I will include some of my vertical images as well as the horizontals (still thinking out the design on that one, I don't want to crop the images). I will also be working on post cards and a book soon (perhaps posters too).

I have decided to forego art fairs in 2011, since my sales are such that I don't have to do them (they are a lot of work). I will still do ARTrails, Sonoma County's open studios event in October (I don't have to set up a booth for that).

I am consciously trying to drop some of my workload (art fairs being the biggest item) in order to have more time to be creative and create new work. So far my sales have kept me quite busy for the past few months in spite of it being the "slow season", but I do expect to have free time "real soon" and I'll be out in the field a lot more and capturing our beautiful planet in still images.

It also won't be so long between blog posts.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Art Gallery in Sonoma County

In the Fall of 2007, I founded the Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma. I wanted a gallery that was designed just the way I want a gallery designed, where I and other local artists can show off our work in a great setting, so I created such a gallery.

Last week, the Riverfront Art Gallery, was voted "Best Art Gallery in Sonoma County" for 2010 by the readers of The Bohemian, the only county-wide newspaper in Sonoma County. Since I co-founded the gallery 2-1/2 years ago, we have been voted best or second-best art gallery in the county three times in a row (our entire existence). This year we hold the top spot all by ourselves. There are 54 gallery members in the Sonoma County Gallery Group, and there are many more galleries in Sonoma County that aren't members of that group. In fact there are quite possibly over 100 galleries in Sonoma County, so being voted #1 is quite a feat, and I thought I would brag about that in this post.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Art for Social Causes

The subject matter of my main body of work is all about the environment and protecting it, so I support a lot of causes and political leaders that share that goal. The Mayor of Petaluma is running for Supervisor here in southern Sonoma County and I offered the use of my images in her campaign since I support her views about development and preserving the environment. Yesterday we got a flyer on our door from her campaign, and inside the flyer was one of my photographs. It's nice to see I can be of help.

Among the organizations I support that preserve the land for sustainable agriculture or as natural habitat for our fellow creatures is the Sonoma Land Trust. I do photo hikes for their members on some of their protected properties and supply occasional photographs for their publications free of charge. One of my images was used for their holiday card this past December. I am leading a photo hike on their newest and largest acquisition (Jenner Headlands) this March 6th. They got three times as many requests as they could accommodate for this outing, so they had to do a lottery. I guess I should improve getting the word out on my paid workshops! Attached to this post is the image for the holiday card for 2009.

I am doing my next landscape workshop this week. I'm creating strong work myself in these workshops, better than my usual average. Teaching and the fear of disappointing students really concentrates the mind, but we all always seem to have a ball, and everyone says they learn a lot.