Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Art for Social Causes

The subject matter of my main body of work is all about the environment and protecting it, so I support a lot of causes and political leaders that share that goal. The Mayor of Petaluma is running for Supervisor here in southern Sonoma County and I offered the use of my images in her campaign since I support her views about development and preserving the environment. Yesterday we got a flyer on our door from her campaign, and inside the flyer was one of my photographs. It's nice to see I can be of help.

Among the organizations I support that preserve the land for sustainable agriculture or as natural habitat for our fellow creatures is the Sonoma Land Trust. I do photo hikes for their members on some of their protected properties and supply occasional photographs for their publications free of charge. One of my images was used for their holiday card this past December. I am leading a photo hike on their newest and largest acquisition (Jenner Headlands) this March 6th. They got three times as many requests as they could accommodate for this outing, so they had to do a lottery. I guess I should improve getting the word out on my paid workshops! Attached to this post is the image for the holiday card for 2009.

I am doing my next landscape workshop this week. I'm creating strong work myself in these workshops, better than my usual average. Teaching and the fear of disappointing students really concentrates the mind, but we all always seem to have a ball, and everyone says they learn a lot.