Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things are happening

Sorry to take so long between posts. I have been setting up my workflow on my new computer in my new office, and I am learning how to use my new Epson 7900 printer. It will take many months before it replaces my Epson 4800 as my primary printer. I am now working on showing much larger images in my gallery later this year. The first 20x30 prints are looking very impressive, I can't wait to show them to the public.

I entered the Marin County Fair photo exhibition for the first time this year. It is definitely one of the better and more competitive art exhibitions in the Bay Area and I managed to win first place in the color photography category. I have also submitted two images to the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art's Biennial Exhibit (which happens every two years as the name implies) and they were both accepted for this fall's exhibit. This is the second time I have submitted work for the Biennial and the second time that both entries were accepted, so my ego is doing well thank you.

My 2010 calendar is done and I have them all in stock and ready for the selling season up ahead. I managed to accomplish this feat over 2 months earlier than last year, which should help sales. I am very happy with it, I think it is even better than last year's calendar.

I am in the middle of teaching a landscape course right now, and I will be revamping the "Classes" section of my website to expand my workshops. I think I will add a basic "digital camera" class like I used to teach in the past, and I will add a "Photoshop for Photographers" class that will emphasize the basic 12 steps or so that are needed to create great "straight" photographs. I'll leave the esoteric Photoshop classes that cover 100 different whiz-bang features to others.

Yes, I am still editing my Patagonia pictures. It is tough to digest that many pictures all at once. When I am through editing them, I will update my website with new pictures immediately. Once I am through with those, there are several hundred other pictures that I have taken since Patagonia that I need to edit as well. It all feels like a huge homework assignment, but I always love the final result.