Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Art Gallery in Sonoma County - 2011

Well it happened again, my gallery "Riverfront Art Gallery" was voted best Art Gallery in Sonoma County for the fourth year in a row, I'm a bit proud of that one.

Sorry for the long absence, I've been very busy. I gave several talks to various camera clubs and art associations, I've been running a gallery, had my work distributed in two additional stores in the North Bay Area, did art fairs, taught a few workshops, etc.

I have also slightly re-organized my website. I created a separate portfolio for my Patagonia images (but it is not accessible directly from the home page). I am applying for some Artist-in-Residence opportunities this year and may do the same for those portfolio sets if I get the gigs.

My calendar was offered on Amazon for the first time this past year and it was in the Top 100 Photography Calendars on that site. I'm quite happy about that. I will be doing a 2012 Wine Country calendar, the title and subtitle will be switched and I will include some of my vertical images as well as the horizontals (still thinking out the design on that one, I don't want to crop the images). I will also be working on post cards and a book soon (perhaps posters too).

I have decided to forego art fairs in 2011, since my sales are such that I don't have to do them (they are a lot of work). I will still do ARTrails, Sonoma County's open studios event in October (I don't have to set up a booth for that).

I am consciously trying to drop some of my workload (art fairs being the biggest item) in order to have more time to be creative and create new work. So far my sales have kept me quite busy for the past few months in spite of it being the "slow season", but I do expect to have free time "real soon" and I'll be out in the field a lot more and capturing our beautiful planet in still images.

It also won't be so long between blog posts.