Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Workshops

I have added a lot more workshops to my schedule for next year. These are all well-received classes I have taught before, except for the printing class which I have not done before (but have tutored on a one-to-one basis). I have expanded my digital camera class to two sessions (instead of one) so that people don't have information overload and can digest and follow up on what they have learned during a second class meeting. It is the same principle with the printing class, students can go home and practice and come back with questions and be ready for a few more advanced concepts. I also have added an extended landscape class option since some people feel that two outings are not enough to incorporate everything that is being taught. The weeknight that my classes meet vary by month (so if your Thursdays aren't free, perhaps your Monday's are free in a different month). People of every skill level are welcome to attend any of the workshops.